i’m doing it, i’m bringing up swine flu

Posted by susan on April 29th, 2009. Filed under: go green.

The buzz for this virus is like nothing I’ve seen.

My initial reaction was to move on, but when I sat back to catch up on my Google reader, I realized how much this epidemic is anticipated to impact the travel industry…

Jenn Abelson and Robert Gavin of the Boston Globe reported how global concerns over the swine flu outbreak are expected to hit travel and tourism the hardest.

Traveling Mamas gathered information to help you make informed decisions when traveling amid swine flu concerns.

Meg Weaver at Intelligent Travel covered the swine flu’s effect on travel.

Tips from the T-List posted a release from the US Travel Association that speaks to concerns related to travel and the swine flu.

At Budget Travel, Sean O’Neill reported that several airlines have waived fees for travelers changing flights through Mexico.

Would you let the swine flu impact your travel plans?

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