i am taking a vacation

Posted by susan on April 3rd, 2009. Filed under: everyday adventures.

…at the end of this month.

I will be out of the office for 6 whole days and while I made an effort to cram in a trip to Stockholm and even looked up flights to Costa Rica to possibly reconnect with my friend Sue, my anniversary date loomed over my head, reminding me that my precious time does not roll over, so I had to move quickly.

Two weekend getaways will bookend my time off – an annual trip to Reggae Weekend at Sugarloaf in Maine with good friends and a 99 percent confirmed girlfriend getaway to Montreal. However, queen of productivity over here, I feel like I really need to fill the weekdays in between with something exciting.

Last year, I used a day to explore Boston with Mike and I am thinking that I might take the same path with some new places this time.

For now at least, here are my goals:

I have never been up to Newburyport, Ma and I have heard that it is the most adorable place on earth.

If the weather is nice, I might want to go on a whale watch by myself.

I would like to walk around and explore my neighborhood, as I am still considering it new to me because the snow has prevented me from really getting to know it.

I need to find a place that has mastered an iced coffee. When the weather gets warm, I look forward to getting a perfect iced coffee more than anything and I have found that just because a place serves quality hot coffee, it doesn’t mean they are treating their iced coffee with the same care.

I would like to go out to lunch by myself, with no book or cell phone.

I have never walked the Freedom Trail and I grew up in the Boston area- maybe I will try that out.

That is just the start of my list, any suggestions?

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