travel photos, part II

Posted by susan on February 24th, 2009. Filed under: stylish travel.

Apparently, I am turning the evolution of my apartment walls into a series on this travel gear tuesday.

A couple of weeks ago I was rummaging through my parents’ attic in search for a book that my pneumonia-stricken sister could read to pass the time while immobile and I came across a very cool frame that had not been used. I brought it downstairs, along with Letters for Emily, which I thought Jenny would like, and asked my mom if I could have the frame – she said yes.

Mike chose a photo for the frame and the location, he also put together our little cluster. He is much better at envisioning the way something should look and then executing it. I think I would have made a mess, rather than a cluster.

This is our bathroom. We decided on a bright orange shower curtain to contrast the yellow-green tiles and avocado bath tub. With colors that ridiculous, you just have to run with it…

travel photos

But, you will notice that we complemented it all quite nicely with the insertion of this frame and photo. This is me exploiting the “we live together now,” “we” – when it’s convenient.


That is a picture of Mike’s old college apartment in North Philadelphia. My shoddy photography skills do not do it justice – the flash ricochets off the glass, so I opted for a more blurred image.

Up close, this already great photo looks even better in this frame. Would you have guessed that this pretty picture is of a former crack house that is on the same block as a chop shop?

I wouldn’t.

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