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Posted by susan on February 19th, 2009. Filed under: epicurious travel.

…or months.

Each Thursday when I pretend to be a foodie, I realize I am somewhat self-deprecating about my inability to like different foods and about my lack of skill in the kitchen – for good reason. However, there is one epicurious area in which I actually pride myself as being a bit of a connoisseur, and that is coffee.

Once upon a time I was in love with the coffee at work. Though some complain that it tastes a bit too strong, that is actually how I like my coffee – and it is Starbucks! But, then there was a change.

With the move into my new apartment, also came the melding of Mike and I’s respective belongings, which worked out well for me because he happens to have a coffee bean grinder. After tasting coffee from freshly ground beans and then drinking the coffee at work, I instantly decided I would never go back to already ground beans. The downside is that instead of drinking free coffee everyday, I actually have to buy it on a regular basis.

Our regular go-to is a Starbucks dark roast. However, over the past few months we have diverted.

It all started with my trip to Antigua, Guatemala


That was a complementary cup that was offered to us on our tour of the Jade factory. It looks and tasted like espresso.

antigua coffee

I brought home a couple of bags of coffee beans for Mike and we were surprisingly disappointed. Not because the coffee wasn’t delicious, it was, but because it wasn’t dark roast – I bought the only kind that was available.


When it finally ran out, we purchased some cans from Trader Joe’s, which were pretty  good. We also picked up a bag of espresso beans at Whole Foods, because with the move, I also inherited a stake in half of Mike’s espresso maker.


As espresso, it was fine. But, when we recently ran out of coffee beans, we used these as a last resort – I even ground them extra finely because let’s face it, we are far from afraid of a strong cup. When I got to work with my Starbucks travel mug, I was shocked to find that my coffee was not very strong. I guess how you brew it really does matter that much.


Last night we made a quick run to the Foodmaster (seriously how many grocery stores do we need to go to!) to grab ingredients for dinner. Here, we also decided to go back to our safety net – let’s hope that nothing has changed since it’s been away…

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