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Posted by susan on February 12th, 2009. Filed under: epicurious travel, getaways.

Our Bronx weekend took us to Polombo Pastry Shop on Arthur Avenue in Little Italy, twice.

bakery in the bronx

Whenever I go to Mike’s Pastry in the North End of Boston, mostly when I am giving an outsider a tour of the city, I feel like I have to buy a cannoli. In this little Italian pastry shop, I changed it up, when in the Bronx I guess…

polombo pastry shop

That right there is a perfectly sized piece of white, coconut cake. It was delicious.

We also strolled through the indoor market which had cigar rolling and all different kinds of meat (including pig’s feet). Then, when we went to grab a bottle of wine, we were pleasantly surprised that there was a wine tasting!

On Saturday, we also make the out to City Island. The journey here reminded me of the first time I went to the Jersey Shore – one minute, we were in the city on a busy road, then we crossed a little bridge and all of a sudden we were by the ocean.

Tony's Pier

Here we went to a little place called Tony’s Pier where we had giant fried seafood dinners. The people at Yelp all seem to have a problem with the place. While I do have some critiques, I think it is mostly because I spent almost a third of my life serving fried seafood and burgers and making and packaging the tartar sauce whilst covered in ice cream under sweltering conditions – one might say I have unusually high standards in this area due to a unique personal experience.

For example, I felt that there wasn’t enough relish in the tartar sauce, the cole slaw had so much mayonnaise that it was easily mistaken for the tartar sauce, and the bathrooms solidified the exact image that will forever spring into my mind when I think of hell – okay that last critique is just me being a normal human being.

But, you know what – some of the more extreme Yelp reviews made me realize that only a true New Englander can appreciate a modest clam shack. I shared a massive serving of hearty, fried clams and had a bowl of New England Clam chowder that actually had more clams than potatoes – so overall, I was happy.

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