the roads of the bronx

Posted by susan on February 10th, 2009. Filed under: getaways.

I spent four years consistently driving through the Bronx and a number of times thereafter as I made the trek between Boston and Philadephia. I had always seen signs for the Bronx and for the New England Expressway, but I had never seen my route at a closer view.

So that’s where it all connects…


Caitlin gave us an awesome tour of her city, which included this great piece of trivia – did you know that Boston Road is the first road that lead from the Bronx to Boston? You could take this road all the way and it┬áleads you straight to Beantown, just like the Mass Pike will take you to Seattle and Route 1 will take you to Florida.

Boston Road

We spent a lot of time driving up and down Pelham Parkway. It is is the road that brought us to Manhatten, into City Island and also back home…

pelham parkway

It is also a road on which one of the craziest houses I have ever seen lives. Please read a much better description of this house at Perks of Being a Jap.

pelham parkway christmas house

Every Christmas, the owners of this house put up out of control decorations – it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Manneken’s are everywhere, Christmas is juxtaposed with Broadway and innocence converges with absolute creepiness…

pelham parkway christmas house

Yes, that is money in that guys fist and yes, their walls are pink.

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