guest post: it’s not you, it’s me….

Posted by susan on December 23rd, 2008. Filed under: stylish travel.

For today’s travel gear tuesday, I am happy to share a guest post by Aaron Manders of Enough Cowbell, a Boston based music blog where he shares his music insights and great Boston music happenings. The below post captures the unfortunate realities of our favorite travel gear. So without further ado…


Dear Bailey Works bag,

It’s not you, it’s me. Really…Well, it’s a little bit your fault, but I do still love you. Honestly, you are the yardstick to which all my future relationships will be measured and we’ll always have the good times like when we were in the Weekly Dig together.

Believe me, I did not make this decision lightly. You have an undeniable ability to hold me just right even when it seems life is moving at racing speeds. You have been utterly selfless too. Remember when I asked you to carry 60 beers, or the time I asked you to hold a pouch full of ice to cool down the beers my friends and I had just bought – never did I hear you complain, not once. You would always sacrifice yourself to protect my belongings from the rain and snow. The time we got into a minor accident you chivalrously protected my back from a serious case of road rash, for that I will be eternally grateful. I would love to think that you are no worse for wear after four years but honestly, in some places it seems like you’re coming apart at the seams.

I guess after everything we’ve been through I deserve to give some explanation as to why I’m moving on. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to write this without hurting you so I’ll be as straight forward as possible…

We spend too much time together and you’re starting to be a pain in my neck. I feel as if I’m carrying the load for both of us and it’s starting to bother me all the time. Before any permanent damage is done I just need to move on. I truly am sorry.

I hope we can still be friends and even hang out sometimes.


Also…There is someone else, her name is Freight. I’m so sorry.

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