a day and a half in transit

Posted by susan on December 10th, 2008. Filed under: getaways.

I took Tuesday off from work knowing I would have arrived in Boston from Guatemala at about 1 AM on Monday night. I had planned for Tuesday to be productive – I would get through all of my emails and my Google reader, pay all of my bills, not only buy an external hard drive to relieve my little mac book the stress of all my music (140.2 days to be exact) and photos slowing it down, upload my pictures, blog about my travels and even try to get to the gym.

But alas, on Monday afternoon while waiting in the Guatemala airport, I found out that my flight to Miami would be delayed, that I would miss my connector flight to Boston and that I would have to spend the night in Miami before boarding a flight to Boston at 7:30 AM on Tuesday.

Don’t get me wrong- I was ready for a full day of traveling, I just didn’t know it would spill into the following day as much as it did. My journey home began at 5 AM on Monday where I grabbed a taxi to the bus station in El Salvador, where I then took a 5 hour bus ride to Guatemala, to then catch another taxi to the Guatemala airport where I would embark on a journey to Miami and then finally, to Boston. Because my delayed flight brought me to Boston on Tuesday instead of late Monday night, and because it was the second day in a row I had to wake up at or before 5 AM, my day of productivity was cut short.

And that is my excuse for not having an exciting post about my travels to Central America, rife with beautiful and inspiring photos.

Half of my pictures are uploaded to my computer, but having a mac, I made the mistake of rearranging them in the actual photo folder instead of using my iPhoto interface and therefore they will have to be removed and re-uploaded if I want to be able to view them in iPhoto ever again – it’s complicated.

So, please stay tuned for a better post with beautiful photos of beautiful places and know that the other reason I am pushing a good post off for another day is because I spent tonight catching up on my reader – and the posts of you fabulous bloggers on which I missed out last week.

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