travel gear tuesday: lesson learned

Posted by susan on December 2nd, 2008. Filed under: stylish travel.

A tip by Camels and Chocolate, from her own personal experience, lead me on a quest to find mountains of bug spray for Guatemala and El Salvador. However, it never occurred to me that stores would not sell it out of season. After all, there is no threat of mosquitoes in Boston right now. Being the last minute packer that I am, I discovered this about two days ago when CVS told me they didn’t sell it.

I freaked out a little.

Luckily, my parents were able to find some at Dick’s Sporting Goods back in the burbs and they were kind enough to bring it to me – 40 deet.

And because the sun is twice as strong and my skin is so fair – they also picked me up some SPF 70 sunblock.

I am sure that I will discover many more packing mistakes once I return…

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