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Posted by susan on June 24th, 2008. Filed under: everyday adventures.

Down in New York City this weekend, Seth Kugel trekked out to Gaelic Park to watch a days full of Gaelic football. As he wrote in Sunday’s New York Times, many describe the sport as a combination of soccer and rugby, but as a former player of both, I would have to say there is definitely a larger dose of soccer and even a touch of volleyball.

I made a similar trek this weekend, to the Irish Cultural Center in Canton, MA. My friend Bryce has been playing with Tir na nOg for a while and she is one of a handful of Americans on the team. For a couple of weekends, I have been their groupie.

(This was with my new camera – sports mode)

What I always liked about rugby (I know it is a British sport, not gaelic, but humor me) was after beating the crap out of each other for 80 minutes, it is tradition, culture even, for both teams to meet up and drink beer together in camaraderie. When I played for UCC, they even offered us food! For the games at the Irish Cultural Center, we followed suit. After an ice cold beer at the on-site pub, we enjoyed free pizza back in Brighton on behalf of The Castle Bar, a sponsor of the team.

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