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Posted by susan on April 2nd, 2008. Filed under: everyday adventures, go green.

Wherever I go I have a habit of collecting tons of handouts, postcards, businesscards, etc. as if I will actually take the time to sit down and scrap book or something. On Sunday, I traveled all the way to the Hynes Convention Center downtown to the Going Green Expo on a whim. So, instead of letting my collections sit in a drawer until I throw them out next year, I thought I would scan and post them here. And you know what, there were some pretty cool businesses there.

I had a sample of Vodka 360 mixed with mango juice. Either there was barely any vodka or it was one of the smoothest I have ever had, but I am not a vodka drinker, so don’t take my word for it.

360 Vodka Green Luxury

360 Vodka

This wine rack made from naturally renewable and recyclable materials by Etcetera Media, a Boston based design firm, has gotten so much press that it caught my eye about 5 booths away because I recognized it from so many places. They also have other great products including coasters that I would have bought if I got paid every other week instead of bi-monthly.


And then I chatted with the Eco-Brokers at Boston Green Realty, a business that incorporates green resources and education into all aspects of traditional real estate.

Boston Green Realty

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