PB & Jolla

Posted by susan on March 6th, 2008. Filed under: everyday adventures.

Bryce’s brother Kyle drove us from LA to San Diego and as we sailed down the Pacific Coast Highway, Phantom Planet resounding in the background, we snapped pictures of “places” from the OC even if they were just made up, and no I am not ashamed.

We stayed in his new hometown, Pacific Beach which was a cool town seemingly owned and run by recent college grads – I guess it kind of reminded me of Allston, MA. In fact, most of the residents were probably from the east coast wanting to get away. I spent so much less money in PB than expected because there is a special at any given bar, any given night. If I wasn’t getting a free appetizer for buying a two dollar drink, I was getting a 32 ounce beer with a sizeable meal that was always under ten dollars.

One night we went to Bare Back grill, which has New Zealand burgers and sandwiches and they offer Edam cheese from New Zealand which was great. As in every other bar or restaurant we entered, surfboards seemed to hold the ceiling up and TV’s hung at every corner displaying, you guessed it, surfing.


We also went to La Jolla, north of San Diego and saw seals at The Casa Beach, or Children’s Pool. This place was originally meant to serve as a safe space for the children of this affluent town, but it too quickly became filled with sand and seals.


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