tracking a transient travel: Portsmouth, NH: food & beer

Posted by susan on February 11th, 2008. Filed under: everyday adventures.

While it snowed off and on last Saturday, the storm I anticipated didn’t occur until Sunday and even then it was sporadic.

Upon arriving at our hotel (after shopping at the kittery outlets and spending not more than $4 dollars an item at Banana Republic) we were starving. So we stopped at the Portsmouth Brewery.


I couldn’t decide between the Chicken Pesto Sandwich…grilled & served on fresh foccaccia with fresh mozzerella and a sun dried tomato tapanade and the Bewery Veggie Burger…lovingly made with beans, brown rice, veggies, tofu and spices – so I split both with Lisa.

Typically, when splitting meals, I take a bite of both and choose to end with the one I like best. This time I couldn’t decide. Though Lisa and I both commented on the very subtle flavor of pesto in the chicken sandwich, the chicken was so tender it didn’t matter. And the veggie burger made me think that I could live without meat. The side of mashed, red skin potatos was good, but not fluffy, though I may be spoiled by my Irish mother’s dish.

My xx bitters beer was unbeleivable – it had the perfect amount of malt and hops, and it was dark without being too heavy.

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